Wandering and Wondering

I used to wander from one hobby to others, want to explore as many things as possible. But I love to wander, as I know I found much of my interest at the time of searching in books and the internet. The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, […]

Weekly Creatives

Listing some weekly creative that I made this week. A Painting. A painting, colored with pencils color. I copied this idea from a mobile app to the collection of paintings. This is a start for my practice work of painting. A nice way to write quotes from books and publish. Using a simple app ‘sketch’ […]

Information Gathering: Basic Terminology and Steps to do

Want to learn about the exciting word “Hacking”? You are in the right place. As you know, Cyber Security is a new BOOM in the industry and the field have many subdivisions. The common saying is that Information security has a bright future. Information gathering is the first step for hacking. Here, we will cover […]

Lock-down to rebuild and be more human

As we all know our generation is facing an epic problem of spreading a corona-virus which is technically Covid-19 started from Wuhan city, china. All the world’s largest and developed countries including China, USA, UK, Japan and many more seem to surrender in front of it. The main problem with this is that Corona-virus disease […]