Working on a problem to search whether I am a teacher who makes art or I am an artist who teaches?

I work in some sort of teaching and love that work. I am not very professional, sometimes I hate to be in fixed rules and follow old structures. I experiment much with my work. That you will know as you read my blog in the future.

My education is on technology, so am I a techie? No. Basically, I love art and humanity. I love history and love to discuss socialism also. Yeah, I love Maths and Science and I also love the technical stuff, but I don’t think I am a techie.

I love reading. I read spiritual books, fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, and poetry. I also love to read blogs on art. Austin kleon’s blog is my one of the favorite blog.

I love to do art too. Sometimes I sketch, draw or doodle, whatever you say. You can find my work on my Instagram account.

For more about this website and my initial motivation to create the blog, you can read here in my first post.