Planning for artwork

Planning for artwork is like artwork itself. But there are many questions that any artist bound to face like what does their art mean for them? What is the part of their art that they can take out so it means something to others? How to make it public? These are the questions in mind for the last few days.

What anyone can do and what anyone can make soon are different things. How to use the website for self is different than how they can use their website to do something useful for others.

I think at least for me, I have to find my personal space first. I started like that only, but I am not doing that way nowadays. I have to be committed and consistent with my work.

@austinkleon has said don’t wait until you know who you are and that is what I should do. I have to keep going and sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world of social media platforms so I can find my voice.

This is a very personal problem for any artist. But I think many out there like me are facing the same problem to get their voice out and to be heard. Many are lost and confuse and so am I. And like any man who came before us, we all will find our voice by using it in public.


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