Wandering and Wondering

I used to wander from one hobby to others, want to explore as many things as possible. But I love to wander, as I know I found much of my interest at the time of searching in books and the internet.

The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do. – John Holt.

I picked up the book to make blackout poetry and I got few words pop up in my eye.  I also changed the way how I represented my last blackouts.


Urban sketching and Perspective art are my new things to practice and explore. I love to make the sketch using pen and color it with watercolor or pencil color.



The practice and direction I got are from the book like Pencil me In and Sketch now think later.  Both books are for anyone like me who wants to start writing a sketchbook all the time and to write the life with sketches.

The one good thing I have done this week was I started using my Kindle Paperwhite again. I uploaded some of my pdf’s and also got some good books for the drawing.

But the best thing I got to read is John Holt’s GWS, i.e. Growing without School, one of my interests.

I love those who did work for child education and child psychology. As I am a big fan of A. S. Neill, J. Krishnamurti, and Fred Rogers, I also started to read and love the work of John Holt.  I always find these are the best self-help book-writers.

To trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves…and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted. – John Holt

I suggest two movies for this week that I loved. A kid like Jake is a story of parents & the child, Jake and the social challenge they face. It is nice to watch how understanding goes with the situation of their child.

Other than that, I loved the movie named Paterson, which very nicely represents our own life, boring and interesting, simultaneously. I love how the maker presented different angles of life, happiness in the work, in a small social group, and the family.  I recommend it to you.


Laura: You're up late, honey. Your silent magic watch didn't wake you up.

Paterson: Yeah, it was a little late today.

Laura: Well, someday something inside just doesn't want to get up. Ever feel like that?

Paterson: Today.

I will be posting. Take care. Find me on Instagram here.

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