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The tragedy of life is not so much of what men suffer, but rather what they miss. – Thomas Carlyle.

There is a deep message in the words of Thomas Carlyle, which I first found at the time of reading works of Anthony de Mello.

As I started documentation of my artwork and learning, I am sharing some of my last week creatives.

Blackout Poetries in different styles.

Red Ink Poetry.

As our world is suffering from a coronavirus epidemic, I tried to get some funny lines from tragic news.

Blackout poetry from Books.

Everyone should have some books that they don’t want to read and also old enough that if they want to use them in some rough way, they don’t think twice.

I have these types of books purchased from the old-books market from Hyderabad and Pune. As the book is related to education, you can see that the lines which I got, are also tell about classroom and school.

Some other blackout poetry.

I have posted more on my Instagram account, but I liked the above line, especially.

Most probably, the best thing I saw this week was a live session of Austin Kleon in Chase Jarvis Youtube channel about “How to make Zines” and I did try to make one.

Try Yourself.

My Zines

It is not that the sins I did make much sense to the readers, but surely that is my one of the proud work as a learner.

In quarantine time, I am watching some of my old favorites movie like Avatar, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and some new movies like Gifted and Zero Dark Thirty, which I will recommend.

I started to learn about drawing with perspective. I shared some of my rough old sketches on the Instagram account, but now I am learning the techniques of drawing by videos from YouTube.

A few drawings.

Sketchbook Drawing.

Index card sketch.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Take care.

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  1. Super article..
    The line “books purchased from the old-books market from Hyderabad and Pune” started giving me the visuals as I already have visited books market of Hyderabad.
    and I like your consistency which motivates me to put as more time as possible in my work.

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