Weekly Creatives

Listing some weekly creative that I made this week.

A Painting.

A painting, colored with pencils color. I copied this idea from a mobile app to the collection of paintings. This is a start for my practice work of painting.

A nice way to write quotes from books and publish.

Using a simple app ‘sketch’ on my android phone, I made the template by just making background black. I find it is attractive with white font on black background, especially on web pages.

A pen sketch with dark thick colors.

It is an amazing feeling first to make drawing with a pencil or pen and then makes it colorful. Although there must be a nicer way to fill the color, I am quite happy I started drawing patiently.

A pen art of tree and colored with crayons.

This is a nice beautiful tree I made in my sketchbook with pencil and pen. The good thing with this painting/sketch is that I colored it with crayons first time. I posted it on my Instagram feeds and I feel quite happy about it that I think I made a fine art piece.  :)

A Blackout Poetry from the e-paper.

That blackout poetry completely inspired by my favorite artist Austin Kleon and his work. This is Blackout Poem, from an e-paper, that I downloaded on my mobile today and took some screenshots. I loved the result as well as the process too. And this is something new that I got to do in my future.

I hope you enjoy reading. My more work you can find here on my Instagram page.

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