Why is religious hate so much around?

I have some understanding and opinion. This is the question I always wondered.

When I was a kid, I always think that people live together easily and if someone is complaining, they are just saying for a particular situation. But as I get older, the hate I see becomes much more than I expected. Everyone hates someone. Some hate for success, some hate for other’s failure. Some people hate everyone.

Then I found religious hate is the most common hate in human beings. But why?. Actually, what I found is that people blindly follow the religion, and why they do that is another story. But they do follow blindly, repeatedly. They follow their family beliefs and never question that. Even some smart enough people get the idea about beliefs, they still allow their family to follow and sometimes protect also. The reason they do that is that they feel belonging in the family and if they can’t protect them, their beliefs, they may lose them and become lonely. Actually the main reason people follow religious theory because they want to trust something outside their and have some kind of theory to rely.

The so called religious theory gives them a feeling which is belonging and because of that they don’t have to face their loneliness. When they become lonely, they have to face themselves. And that is the toughest work to do. To face your own personality. To be alone, to be yourself. Not to rely anyone but to be responsible. That causes religious hate.



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